Barrier Fluid GT®

Barrier Fluid GT® is a pure, non-reactive, synthetic fluid that provides superior lubrication and cooling for double and tandem mechanical seals.

Barrier Fluid GT® provides very stable seal performance over an extremely wide temperature range, satisfying most seal service requirements. Barrier Fluid GT® is extremely clean and has excellent low temperature fluidity and heat transfer properties.

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CAP™ is a multi-synthetic lubricant that excels in lubricating cylinders and packing glands in gas compressors. CAP™ forms a tacky, tenacious, synthetic oil film on both metal and ceramic surfaces. It is extremely shear stable, impermeable to water vapor and hydrocarbon gasses and has excellent elastohydrodynamic properties to prevent wear in high pressure compressors.

CAP™ is specially formulated to prevent corrosion of compressors by hydrogren sulfide, wet carbon dioxide and other acids. The dense, closely packed molecular structures in CAP™ greatly resist dilution from high pressure gasses, thereby maintaining its viscosity to prevent oil carry-over normally experienced with other oils. Its superior ability to adhere to metallic parts, including compressor cylinder walls, allows piston rings to ride on a film of oil even when they’re subjected to high pressures. This tough film provides smoother, cleaner operations and extended compressor life.

In reinjection compressors, CAP™ has significantly reduced wear and greatly extended the life of packing glands and cylinders compared to competing oils. Due to the unique properties of CAP™, injection feed rates to cylinders can be reduced, which improves downstream cleanliness while minimizing potential problems with fouling of equipment.

CAP™ also is an excellent lubricant for nonmetallic materials such as glass, etc. It forms an effective physical barrier between parts to minimize oil carry-over, to prevent gas blowby and to greatly extend compressor life.


CMT™ is a blend of premium mineral and synthetic lubricants and meets the requirements of Caterpillar TO-4; Allison C-4*, CF-2 and CF; Eaton; and Dana manual transmissions.

CMT™ manual transmission fluid provides outstanding friction performance with both the metallic and nonmetallic friction materials found in today’s hi-tech powershift transmissions. The frictional characteristics in Royal Purple’s CMT™ eliminate excessive brake noise and prevent clutch slippage — even under heavy loads on steep inclines.

CMT™ provides excellent low temperature fluidity for easier cold weather starting, superior corrosion and rust protection and maximum foam protection against entrained air. This combined with CMT’s additive technology promotes greater oil life, smoother brake operation, reduced gear wear, controlled powershift transmission friction and more reliable equipment.

Coupling Grease

Royal Purple’s Coupling Grease is a lithium complex, high film strength grease that provides superior resistance to oil separation from the high centrifugal forces generated by couplings. It is formulated with high viscosity synthetic oils and tacky, synthetic polymers, plus Royal Purple’s proprietary Synslide® additive technology to provide the tenacity and film strength necessary to protect against heavy loads and high centrifugal forces.

Endurosyn™ Grease

Edurosyn is a high performance, multi-service, calcium sulfonate complex, synthetic grease. Its outstanding performance is achieved through a superior blend of synthetic base oils and additives, plus Royal Purple’s unique, proprietary Synslide® additive technology. The superior Royal Purple lubricant formulation combined with a premium calcium sulfonate thickener provides unsurpassed protection against friction, wear and corrosion, and is inherently water resistant.

Endurosyn Grease significantly increases bearing life and equipment reliability and makes bearings run smoother, cooler, quieter, longer and more efficiently. Endurosyn Grease satisfies a wide range of grease requirements and is recommended for bearings and general purpose use.

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