Acilube™ is recommended for lubricating compressors in acidic environments.

Acilube™ has all of the performance benefits of Acivac™but it also contains Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec®additive technology, which is a high film strength, synthetic additive technology that is proven to make equipment run smoother, cooler, quieter, longer and more efficiently.

Acilube™ is formulated to provide extra corrosion protection to metal surfaces subjected to acidic gases and to minimize their detrimental effect on the oil.


Acivac™ is recommended for lubricating rotary vane vacuum pumps operating in acidic atmospheres. Acivac™ is not recommended for use with strong oxidizers such as nitric acid or chlorine. Most lubricants severly react with acids to form sludge, which causes the blades to stick, to wear prematurely and / or to break. Acivac™ minimizes the effects of acids on the oil, which greatly extends both the life of the oil and the pumps. Acivac™ reduces the downtime caused by pumps that no longer can maintain proper vacuums and is recommended for vacuums in the presence of acids such as HCL, H2SO4, H2S and HBr. Acilube™ is recommended for lubricating compressors in acidic environments.


Aegis® is an ashless, fuel-saving, high performance, synthetic, gas engine oil blend designed to offset both rising fuel and operating costs.

Aegis® is primarily formulated for two-cycle gas engines, but is so oxidation stable it is an excellent four-cycle engine oil. It is tailor-made for companies seeking to increase profits through reductions in operating expenses.

Aegis® is formulated with Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec® additive technology. Synerlec® additive technology forms a tough oil film on all metal surfaces, which virtually eliminates metal-to-metal contact.

Aegis® has a lower coefficient of friction, which saves fuel, and it keeps engines clean for maximum combustion efficiency. Its noncorrosive EP properties prevent piston ring / cylinder scuffing and seizing, extend ring and bearing life, keep filters from plugging and greatly extend oil life in four-cycle engines.

Royal Purple offers two premium, energy saving, gas engine oils.
1) Aegis® “ashless”
2) Quadrex® “low ash”.

Aegis® is preferred for two-cycle engines and Quadrex® is preferred for four-cycle engines, although both are acceptable in either case.

Air Hammer Oil

Air Hammer Oil is recommended for users looking for much longer tool oil life and significantly improved reliability.

Air Hammer Oil is an ultra-tough, para-synthetic rock drill / air hammer oil designed to increase the life of air hammers and rock drills.

Air Hammer Oil outperforms other E. P. rock drill oils because it contains Synslide® additive technology, Royal Purple’s proprietary, synthetic oil film so tough and tenacious it is not squeezed out of the pressure area. It virtually eliminates the boundary lubrication conditions caused by the sliding action of the heavily loaded piston.

Slippery, synthetic molecules increase the lubricity and oiliness of Air Hammer Oil. Rock drills / air hammers run longer between overhauls.

Air Hammer Oil is noncorrosive to both ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Barrier Fluid FDA®

Barrier Fluid FDA® is a pure, non-reactive, synthetic fluid that provides superior lubrication and cooling for double and tandem mechanical seals.

Barrier Fluid FDA® provides very stable seal performance over an extremely wide temperature range, satisfying most seal service requirements. Barrier Fluid FDA® is extremely clean and has excellent low temperature fluidity and heat transfer properties.

Barrier Fluid FDA® is sanctioned under the FDA CFR Title 21 Sections 178.3620 (a) (b); 172.878; 175.105: 172.200 and 210: 177.2260, 2600 and 2800; 178.3570 and 3910. It is approved by the USDA for both H-1 and H-2 service. Barrier Fluid FDA® is essentially inert, allowing it to be used with most hydrocarbon gases and aqueous acids and bases.

Royal Purple® can design custom barrier fluids for customers who have special needs regarding solubility, reactivity, etc.

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